K5 carbon-fibre items

I was searching eBay last night and came across these. I’m digging the clock support and frame covers. I think I’ll try and pick one of them up next week, that’s if they’re not all gone by then. Some of the other items aren’t too attractive IMO, but the alternator cover doesn’t look too bad. The guy is in Germany, but accepts PayPal. You can use http://babelfish.av.com to translate it.






What about this www.oppracing.com

Just click the link for Suzuki…wonders await!

A full carbon fibre fairing for your K5? I thank you

Hehehe, yeah, had my eye on that for a while, would be nice to have a road-version of it! I’ve bought some stuff from OPP before, not bad.

here’s OPP’s front fender in CF…

7/10 max…

It sure looks good in the photo, but I know flash-photography has a way of amplifying the ‘wet’ look of carbon as it bounces around in the laquer. So are you going to change the Woodcraft skid-plate on the engine-cover?