K5 1000 STOLEN

Black stealth GSXR1000. Thought i had a secure garage in Walworth Rd area. Communal garages which around only 7 people use,never see “ANYONE” around when the bike goes in and out so felt bike was safe as its mainly used on weekends. They knew exactly what garage the bike was in out of 25, i alternate between 2. Always have a look around before opening main gate before entering garages and have a look around before opening garage. Very worrying!


Jeepers, I can’t believe it. This is absolutely ridiculous now. Real sorry thats gone.

Bloody hell mate!!! sorry to here that, such a gorgous bike, hope she comes back to you…

Bike theift is really getting out of control now it seems!!

Sorry to hear that.

These thieving swine don’t need to see you going into or out of your garage. They are going ‘hi-tech’ now and blackmailing insurance company agents to find out where expensive machines are stored. The only way to stop that is to hire a guard with a big gun and license to use it.

Good luck getting an insurance payout.

Argh, Mick! That’s awful news, I can’t believe it! Sounds like an extremely suspicious set of circumstances! In your shoes, I too would have felt safe! What did the insurance company say? Is the K4 okay???

Oh my God another one down.

Well I hope you get it back, or that the insurance co are sypathetic.

Sooo sorry for ya.

Oh mate gutted for you so sorry


feel for you geezer i can see a plotted up bike with a transit full of us coming on, we got to try an get something sorted to stem the tide of misery the fcuk witted scum keep dishing out to most of us

hope the k4 is still tucked up safely ar work mate

What’s the reg so we can keep an eye open. They are sometimes parked up for a few days so the thieving cocks can see if it is fitted with a tracker.

what a bunch of ******* (and I don’t mean stars!).

Gutted for you. Looks like it is going to be as nuts as last year’s nicking spree!

Really sorry to hear that Something big has to happen to sort these thieves out, and fast.

How secure where you door mate? How did they brake it? So sorry to hear about that…

This is an absolute joke, soon clintons will be doing with symapthy cards for Bikers who have had thier ride stolen.

I am gutted for ya mate.

Something needs to be done real quick. Not a bad idea redrat. Sorry for your loss Doohan. Post up details mate.

Gutted for you mate.

Count me in for the vigilante group, we gotta something.

Which one of us is next?

I’m in with the vigilante thing.

Pick your weapon…





this is really bad - chin up mate…sorry to hear such news…

I am so soory to hear that mate. Its happening al lot these days. Its really crap

Where’s Rottie when you need him!

Sorry to hear about your bike, obviously not an opportunist. All this is making me wonder about buying the lovely Monster. I’d have to keep it inside the (second-floor) flat to keep it safe. Hope you’ll get your pride and joy back in one piece!