K4 GSXR 750 - Stolen in Blackheath

My K4 750 was nicked yesterday at about 5pm
Reg: KW04 WUA

If anyone knows the spot, it was parked in the motobike bay on Royal Parade in Blackheath (at the top of the hill by the book shop - looking onto the heath and the church)

Apparently bikes were stolen from the same spot a few weeks earlier and there is no CCTV and no witnesses this time either




i know the owners of that book shop ill have a chat with them next time i see them

Sorry to hear that. And 5pm on a Sunday in that area seems so brazen. Can’t believe nobody saw anything.

Sorry to hear about this … I hope you get it back.

I know its summer and there are more bikes out and about than usual but I am hearing more and more about bikes being nicked.

I am thinking of carrying my chain and lock with me everytime I need to leave the bike somewhere unattended now. It’s a pain to carry about and hassle to find an anchor point but it will give me peace of mind that I’ve done as much as reasonably possible to stop the scumbags.

I really hope you get a result mate, got my fingers crossed for you.

Make sure you bolt everything down people. Bikes are being nicked all over the place at the moment.

Ground anchors and a couple of Almax’s is what you want.

I wouldnt leave my bike within touching distance of me these days…

if anyones up for catching these in the act? and sort them out ourselves:) there easy to catch just use a bait bike and have every get away exit covered

the police aint instrested are they