K4 gixxer

How good does this sound?standard can as well!!


That’s the video that made me go out and buy my previous bike, the incredible K4 750. It’s everybit as manic when in the power-band as the video displays, it’s quite violent Very, very good on track, as the video shows. Hrm, my idea trackbike is a K4 750.

And to think I was beginning to feel like the Trumper 675 was the right way to go… the shiny ‘S’ badge rears it’s tempting head again.

Early K4 750’ll be about £6k ? Enough left over for Ohlins / Akra / PowerC upgrades for the price of new 675?

Think I’d have to ditch the patriotism and 'ave the Gixxer mate!

Hmmmm well it’d better be damn comfortable when the royal peaches grace it’s seat at the NEC.

wow-brilliant!. thanks.