k1300s vibration

I sold my blackbird had it from new 7 1/2 YEARS & 75000 miles ,:sick:bought a bmw as I did not like the new vfr 1200, problem is the vibration on the bm is so intense and I end up getting pins & neddles in my hands which is not a good thing bmw have tried to fix it cure lasted about 50 miles and now it seems worse than ever, read various articles on what they think it is , where would I stand legaly if I tried to return the bike as not being fit for purpose as it is getting to the stage I dont want to ride it, this is my means of transport to work, average mileage 25 each way:sick:

I think you would have a number of problems with this. Firstly you would have to show that the vibration was a machine issue and not a rider issue (ie riding the machine at too high revs) secondly you would have to show that the vibration was of such a level that it made the vehicle unusable and thirdly that the vibration would have a similar effect on any user, and that it isn’t just you who are more susceptible to “normal” vibration.

Might be worth talking to the dealer on a friendly basis first without being too pushy, he may consider changing the bike to something else, though a full refund probably going to be a bit of a push.

If it comes right down to it, you can call consumer direct and get proper legal advice, but I do think the 3 issues I have highlighted above will be cause for concern in returning the goods and getting a full refund, especially the third one if the vibration is normal for that model of bike.

How many miles have you added to the BMW since owning it?

Have the dealership tried to fix it and if so how many times?

How long have you had the BMW?

Where did you buy the BMW from?

have they said wot the problem is?

i was wondering if it is a a silly thing like wheel balancing, warped discs etc?

i had no balance weight on my b12 when first got it and yes hand was numb.

I test rode a K1300s and it was a bit vibey but not enough to cause a problem, what bothered me most was the rough feel to the engine. Try taking it to another dealer for an opinion ?

Saturday 4 sept the shop acknowledges their is a vibration problem when they test rode it after 4 test runs they adjusted the balance shaft that was short lived approx 60miles the adjustment was carried out on the same day 4 sept

bought motorad hertford,

bought new and now done 1800 miles since late june the shop tried to fix balance shaft problem

Definately take it back and get them to change it or replace like for like.

Try another bike they have there and see if you get the same issue.

thanks they are collecting it tomorrow to try and fix again so no bike as they have no loan bikes or demos available really browned off as i totaly dislike public transport:cool::w00t:

guess I wont be swapping my 'bird for a k1300 then :D:D

Don’t be put off, I rode Pouty’s for a stretch down to Le Mans earlier this year and found it extremely comfy and def powerful a great touring bike.