K-lever2 modification to move clutch


I developed a disability which means I have no grip strength and mobility in my left hand. I thought I’d have to give up motorbiking and was slowly becoming resigned to the fact that I’d never ride again. Then I came across NABD (the National Association of Bikers with a Disability) and joined their Facebook group, where I learnt that the Klicktronic K-lever2 would be perfect for my needs.

They provided me with a grant for the parts, and now I can ride again. My left hand now does nothing, and my right hand has a dual lever to do brake and clutch.


Happy days.

I’ve recently been looking at replacing the ageing 250, been looking at Gold Wings, Africa Twins and the NT1100. Every salesman I’ve spoke to has tried to steer me towards the automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) models, might be worth considering if you’re ever in the market for new wheels.

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Only hearsay but I heard there was a one handed track day legend running rings around everyone apparently. Great to hear you are back on the road.

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Welcome back Juno!

Sorry to hear of the disability, I can only imagine how saddening that must be as a motorcyclist, but wow, what a great solution. Glad you’re back on the bike. The new clutch solution looks pretty nifty as well eh.

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I’m really happy with it! I had no idea how many modifications were available before I found NABD. They can do pretty much anything.