k and n air filter

does anyone know where the best place to buy a k and n air filter for the R6 06.

and does anyone know how to fit them?

Coz im not paying 35ph for someone else to do it!

From what I hear, BMC filters are better quality.

Both can be got for good prices on ebay.

Piece of piss to fit…Will be like my R1 cos they have a similar tank…I’ll give ya a hand if you need and can bring your bike to me.

PS basejumper can sort you out at a good price I reckon too and will help fit aswell.

nice one thanks i’ll keep you in mind.

M&P do em, pipercross 1s are £62.99, dont know wot there like and K&N 1S are £56.99 althoughi dont see 06 listed for the k&n.

As afro has shown, no doubt there is some1 nr you etc that can help ya out of the firtting.

Basejumper - my shop (although not sure what discount i can get you) Egypt220 westie ebay demon tweeks all good prices - fitting is soooooooo easy…

Lift tank, unscrew airfilter cover - take out old air filter - replace new filter - re-screw airfilter cover - re-bolt tank - JOBSAGOODEN!!!