Just Witnessed Theft of a Scoot

Walked passed the bike bay in Jockeys Fields, High Holborn to check my bike which is daisy chained to a nice yellow SV today, to see 3 kids pull a light blue scoot out, start it, and disappear. 1 kid was on a black scoot, another on a cream scoot and the kid who nicked the blue one was wearing a black lid, black hoodie, trainers, no gloves, looked about 12.

Called Holborn cops and got a CAD number.

Lock 'em up people!


Couldn’t stop them yourself?

I will put money on you will find these guys around clerkenwell…

Plenty of scum around there… :angry:

how do you know they were stealing? maybe it was their scooters

They were dressed like the Hamburglar from McDonalds :w00t:

They looked around 12!!

Good job pal.

No mate, i’m a girl in heels & office wear :smiley:

Could’ve launched a deadly stiletto attack…

Because i use that bay every day & the guy who owns it is usually suited & booted

Anybody else got more silly questions for me?:slight_smile:

be carufull about ‘‘seeing bikes stolen’’ threads quiller…;).



Not silly (well maybe) but did you use to work/live near c wharf? If so use to see you around there when I use to commute on my GSXR. Not many girls riding blue ninjas so can’t be that stupid a question!

Yes. It’s funny how one person gets layed into by the entire community it seems, while another gets away with it.Mind you, I’m not saying Quiller should have done anything else, I’m keeping out of that debate.

I’ve got plenty, but most will get me slapped! :w00t:

You did the right thing by reporting it, and hopefully, the little Hamburglers will fall off and get herpes, after breaking a thing or two.

Might get you stabbed these days.

Not sure if it is related. Just saw the Rozzer loading a stolen silver scooter into the back of a black mariah. I asked if they had caught the thieves, to which they answered; no, only the scooter.

About lunchtime, I was chatting to the old couple who seem to watch over my bike, they saw two guys in a van taking away some scooters from the bay, saying the tax had expired. They got their details and a contact card from the guys when they said they would be reporting it to the police.

How are you? :)We’ve not seen you for ages.(Good work with the theif-spotting)

Hi Chris I’m fine thanks, busy with life & stuff…I keep meaning to join you guys on a ride but i can’t handle big rides and yours are mahoosive :slight_smile: Qx

around my area i’ve seen plenty of those chav/hoodie wearing young ones on scooters, they always ride like lunatics, with the crazy dangerous speeds&maneuvers they do they might just be able to overtake you :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’ll wager a bet too. About a year ago I saw 3 kids riding without helmets on 2 scooters, hid them in the park in Clerkenwell then came back to the bike bay where there was a scoot they’d had a go at earlier. The white kid looked about 12 but I think he was nearer 14, plus a Somalian-looking kid and a mediteranean kid. They were hanging around the bay waiting for me to leave so I said I knew what they were up to and told them to f*ck off and what I’d do to them if they ever touched my bike. They didn’t deny what they were up to but said they weren’t interested in bikes like mine (GSXR) only scooters, like that made it OK.

You wouldn’t believe the job I had trying to get the police to look into it when I stopped off at the local station:w00t: