Just witnessed someone making off with an R125 on Tottenham Court Road

Saw an R125 turning onto TCR with it’s alarm going off, then saw someone on a scooter pushing it with their foot. So annoyed I couldn’t do anything. Couldn’t even get the Scooter reg as they were going pretty fast.

Is it worth me even calling the Police?

Could always do that, since there’s usually CCTV around there too, so with you letting them know they may be able to pick up on it and view recordings too.

Yeah that’s a really good point. I guess the owner wont find out until later when they finish work. At least I can provide a time and place.

Yeah it would be worth reporting with the exact time and place so the CCTV people can have a gander. Without a time it’s very difficult.

It’s unfortunate when you can’t do anything. Shoulder charging the scrote on the scooter and watching the other clown on the R125 grinding to a halt would have been very satisfying. Scooters are a pain to pick up too.