Just when I thought the Bike was running so smooth.......

On the way in this morning, just getting to the traffic on the elevated section of the A40 at Paddington, clutch in, block changing down from 4th to 2nd, throttle shut, and the bike shuts down, everything off. Not a stall as the clutch was fully in and the bike was moving, about 20mph. temp was OK, about 90deg.

anybody got any ideas as to the possible cause?

any help much appreciated.


electrics? were the instruments on>?

Given the rain we’ve been having some electrics somewhere might have got a bit too wet. I’d spray everything with WD40 to disperse any moisture, and maybe even coat any connections that look like they could get exposed to water in heavy rain with dielectric grease to keep it out in future.

Did you mash the killswitch by mistake?

Then check clutch and kickstand switches

Thanks for the thoughts so far,

all instruments stayed on, no warning lights prior.

Defo didn’t get near the kill switch. think it may be the rain, although I had doused just about everything in ACF50 during the last bout of crappy weather. If we get some dry weather over the weekend it might be time for a strip, clean and re-apply.

will certainly check the clutch and kickstand switches, hadn’t thought of that…


It does sound like something electrical which killed the ignition as it was a dead stop like you’d hit the kill switch. I’d have thought if it was something mechanical it would have spluttered or there would have been another sign. I ran out of fuel once (well twice actually, and I didn’t know what the fuel tap was for back then) and all guages and lights were fine but the bike spluttered before it stopped.

It was probably just a little blip (providing it started up again with ease). Happens once in a while I guess. If it happens again then worry about it.

Happened again this morning, so again in the wet. been on to west london superbikes, my nearest suzuki dealer, and they suggested it could be the idle speed being set too low, or iffy plugs. So… tinkering time, pick up a new set of plugs in the morning and try and find somewhere covered to change them over.

sounds like spray coming up to the kickstand switch to me