Just wanted to say ...

I love the summer…
When you go onto the BBC sports website and football ISN’T the main headline all the time!


but the wankers are all over f1 like a rash and fu to motogp though

that’s because the moto gp race was a bore-fest, and the f1 was frankly one of the most exciting races i’ve ever seen


MotoGP has lost its way for some time now and only WSB/BSB provides any real entertainment.

Formula 1 has gone to great lengths in recent years to spice it up and they’ve done a great job, despite Vettel running away with it, noone can honestly say the racing has been dull; we’ve had 3/4 great seasons in a row now.

+1, what a race! Worth the wait :smiley:

Will the GP racers, please stop breaking their collar bones. And will Rossi man up and sort his bike out please.

Great finish in the WSB for 3rd place (Haga vs. Badovini?) :smiley:

I quite like the pre race stuff they show of the F1 before it starts :slight_smile:

What Coulthard and Jordan bickering like two girlfriends who fancy the same guy and came to the party in the same dress?

why does the f1 get pushed to the front by the bbc? simples money, bernie sold f1 to barclays bank quite a few years ago now he juiced up the books and barclays brought him out, this is what i was told by some of his employers at biggin hill as i used to go down there to service there lorrys. how true i dont know? but no reason to not beleivie:P

don’t you think if Barclays owned F1, there’d be a few Barclay hoardings around the tracks from time to time?

Ecclestone owns the majority share, he always has… Barclays may have a share in the empire that is F1 but Ecclestone is the ship’s captain.