Just waiting for me wheels now....

Got all me panels back nicely sprayed… forks resealed… fitted new starter motor… did minor service… fitted new clutch… now i just waiting for me wheels to come back from paintshop…






and more





is that an fzr 600???

i use to have one of them in the loctite colours back in the day!

Close mate,its a 1987 FZR1000 Genesis


I feel for you mate im waiting wheels from Marchesini, thats a bike i nearly bought in 89. My mate beat me to it but then i had accident hence leggy pete !!

Looking good mate, I like the scheme! Please keep the snaps coming as it develops!

Nice bike there are quite a few bike builds happening on LB at the mo keep us posted, any idea when your wheels are going to be here and are they going to be stock wheels or something shinny & light?

Thanks all,the wheels are just the standard ones that i have had repainted,should be getting em back monday or tuesday,then its off for MOT (gulp) should be ok tho coz i just given it a damn good going over lol


Thanks Jay,i wanted to keep it red and white,it was either Virgin race colours or Marlboro,Marlboro won as you can see,altho i opted for the Ducati Marlboro scheme rather than any of the ones that Yamaha used to use


looks superb ade. can’t wait to see it.

Got me wheels back today,all being well get the tyres refitted tomorrow and i can be back on the road tomorrow night,i cant wait,its been three weeks…


oh god! what out colchester, roadhog’s back on the road !!!

Yep an i cant wait mate,you will have to take her for a spin when you are down,remind you what its liike to ride a proper bike lol,just you mind the paintwork tho


Amen to that!! Ade’s a believer in the age old phrase …

“Keep death off the roads … ride on the pavements!”

I feel like i am being victimised here oh well,here some more pics,she’s all back together now and looking damn good!!!



Ha found ya!

Looking good. If I get the kitchen done I’ll come and have a look in the flesh.

Oh yeah, I’d better go and say Hi to everyone…