Just to taunt those 2006 R6 owners.....

which, TBH, is never a bad thing…


about recent reports in the US (it’s on Yamaha’s official site apparently) that they are refunding customers because the bikes don’t actually rev up to 17500rpm.

I wish Hennessy was still contributing, y’all should of heard him moaning about his, and that he’d take his 04 model back any day.

Where is Hennessy? And what’s wrong with his bike?

On one of the R6 forums there is an actual letter frm Yamaha USA that sumone posted up. It’s got to do with the 17.5 rpm redline that is advertised as the bike capable of doing. well guess what…it only does 16.2k on the dyno before it cuts out. So to seel the bike would be “False advertising”…basically sumone can turn around and sue YAMAHA and take em to the cleaners.

Heres the link


Complaining about power delivery, particularly the fact that it is delivered up top of the rev range, so any kinda overtake/sudden acceleration requires at least one downshift. Esp when compared to his old 04 bike.

And his lass doesn’t like the pillion seat (no surprise) and I seem to remember him saying it was buzzy and didn’t really feel that good unless it is pushed hard. Whereas the old one was much happier on the commute etc.

I suggested that it might be a different matter in the summer when it’s broken in properly. We agreed to swap bikes for a ride so we can compare it properly to the Trumpet. Be a good article… ?

but he is looking fwd to his new exhaust. Can’t remember which type but it is the dual port stubby one.

yeah hes going for the lazer exhaust because its the only one for the 06 R6 that looks half decent.

Lol the old F-sport still kicks its arse

What? When you’re riding it? LOL

Regardless of this the 06 R6 in black is still one of the best looking bikes out there and really not much comes close.(and I dont have one)

I was surprised to hear that he didn’t like it! I offered him a direct swap for mine but he declined lol! Personally I prefer the look of the older R^.

Bummer!!! What has happened to him??

By all accounts the new R6 is a great track bike but too much for the road. It does look great though bar the afterthought exhaust. Thats why i am looking to get a K6GSXR 750…

When riding and at stand still

when kev throws it down the road at it

But the R6 still came second to the almighty Kwak 636 in Fast Bikes, still think it will beat th enew Trumpet and Gixer

I don’t think there is actually that much to chose between the 600 class now. Working out a true winner is subjective to the rider.

What you really need to do is ride them all as you would your current bike. So to virtually everyone, thats on the road. I am fed up with hearing about how good all these bikes are on a track, can’t these publications get with the real world and tell us how good they really are on the road.

I have read many reports about bikes, recently the new R6, which, as above, has been slated for underperforming from the claims made by Yamaha. Apparently its the nuts on the track but not all that on the road. Get to the litre class, again its subjective, but the Blade is reckoned as being the best road friendly. ZX10 perhaps shading the Gixxer on the track.

I think many classes are now so close (600’s have been for a fair while) that the only place you can seperate them (as far as performance is concerned) is a track test.

i definately can ride them all equally badly

When I rode the latest model ZX636. I was impressed by how much faster and lighter it was more so than my old J2 but to be honest for riding on the road, ease of use, comfort, general feel and practicality I much prefered mine. I am sure on the track it would be amazing but not sure I am a huge fan of a total 100% track focus bike to live with on the road everyday. Thats why my next bike is going to be a Goldwing cause I am soooooooo old before my time! Just call me grandad!

As chufster states both the 600 and litre class are so close now days, TBH how many people out there can push a 600 to the limits let alone a litre bike and really be able to tell th diferrence. I was only winding up the new R6 owners with my post. I have a C1 636 and was trying to justify a new 10, but TBH the 600 is enough for every situation I need it for

Exactly TWS, buying a sportsbike nowadays is all about a purchase of passion, you have to buy what you get the best feeling from, either by riding it, or by looking at it, or both! Even on the track, nobody I know could take the current bikes to the max and use the difference.