Just thought I'd rub it in...

… I’ve finished for the day!

Enjoy the rest of your working day chaps, I’m off to the pub xx

where was my invite

Consider it well and truly rubbed in

Just wait till I see you Sunday


Well I was finished at 12 noon, so there!!

Lusty, please change your ‘Hummer’ signature, I can only think of one thing when i read it!!

Well i was off ALL day and have been bonding with my big bike …

And am off out for dinner with some friends tonight

I finished last week sunday at 12am and I finish 12am this sunday till next friday so HA

I finished before you today.

Well, at the time of your post I was sitting outside The Fanabe Beach Bar sipping Mojitos

The only thing rubbed in was Factor 15

i rubbed factor 15 in today as well!!

Nice seeing you HARD AT WORK today

sorry pic came out a little dark


Whatcha mean? I’m always hard at work you cheeky beggar!

I have to say that it was funny seeing you on my bike