Just thought I'd introduce myself here...

Hi all, just thought I’d come straight to the bike section and introduce myself…I’m Vanda, I live in Staines and have a 98 SRAD600, which I’m currently having repainted. Whilst doing so I’m flying around on a crazy ZX10R.

Be glad to meet some of you lot, nice to get to know some bikers in and around London as all my biking buddies are further afield.


Welcome to LB :smiley:

Hi - I’m in Ealing, my dad works in Egham so I know Staines well!

hello :wink:

Hi and welcome…:smiley:

Thanks all. Alex drop me a line when you’re next out this way. I don’t know the area that well so my usual run outs are limited out towards Henley through Windsor and that’s about it!

Adz, I will bear you in mind for future reference. :slight_smile:

Ello there. I live in Walton so fairly near you. I ride out Chertsey/Egham/Windsor way sometimes too.Welcome to LB…:smiley:

Wecome to LB.

Most of the “members” are house trained, some of the others are working on it.

Hello and welcome to the out house.


Welcome. :slight_smile: There’s quite a few of us out this way. I’m in Maidenhead.

Great stuff. Am glad I’ve signed up here now! If you see a chick flying around on a green ZX10R that would be me :slight_smile: Be great to meet some of you.

I’m also in Walton…

Banny75 what are you riding?

hello and welcome will keep em peeled missvanda :wink:

get down to borough market tonight then

Black 04 CBR6RR. What 'bout you?

Blue 07 RR

Blue 07 RR

What/where is borough market? Sorry if I’m being ignorant!

Gonna hazard a guess that you’re the same Miss V, from the MCN forum. This one is better, much less infighting enjoy

Hi and welcome Miss Vanda.:smiley: