just suppose!!

just suppose you had 15 grand to spend, but you had to make money from it what would you do and why?

could you make money from 15 grand ?

def not put it in the bank or buy property… :Whistling: :crazy:

Can’t I just blow it all on a round the world trip :w00t::smiley:

I want to spend it all!!!

I’d buy art - you could get a signed Banksy for around 15-20k, this would imho appreciate over time.

Or, buy premium bonds and wait to win a million :slight_smile:

A mate of mine works on the stock markets if you want me to put you in contact…

I’m no expert and wouldn’t want to be responsible for losing you any dosh, but with shares where they are now it sounds like a good time to buy.

if i had 15 grand maybe i would:)

I’ll look after it for you;):smiley:

I will be your slave for 1 week for that.:wink:

now theres an Investment!! :w00t: :hehe:

Nah, it’s a false economy, he’d break more things than he cleaned. ;):stuck_out_tongue:

ever hear of the phrase never try and catch a falling knife…

be a brave man to buy stocks now.

no idea what’s lurking round the corner in those institutions.

who said he will be cleaning!! :Whistling: :smiley:

morally its barbaric to buy stiocks now and capitalise on people misfortunes.

finacially its crazy not to invest in the market now as in such a market you can make a lot of money buying and selling.

or you could invest in a new Bike shop…talk to Milleman


oups sorry Chenster quoted you instead of Kev :ermm:

LOL ok no worries.

apparently when i wear my dayglo me and him could pass for twins…

With the whole credit crunch thing going on, people are selling things to get some money. Can pick up some classic bikes and cars cheaper now, but they will hold they’re value. Could make a lot :smiley: