just some pic's for ya

me and my m8’s haveing a bit of fun

hope ya like thanks tom

Nice pics - but I do think the guys on the Yamaha and green Kwack need to lean the bikes over more on the roundabout.

Think I need to find a nice roundabout on the way home tonight.

the guy on the green kwak is getting his leathers down rather than his slider :hehe::w00t:

Look like big lads to me…easy to get your knee down when you have long legs…try being 5’ nothing and getting your knee down…that’s when you have to get some lean on the bike!

R6 Babe will probably agree with you on that as she’s only 5’ nothing also!! lol :smiley:

good stuff…but you must match your leathers to your bikes if you want to be a true:


Yes I know that one, much scraier getting my knee down at 5ft

Yes agree - cheeky lol

You lot make Ratty look good :smiley:

My legs won’t go that far apart . . .

nice pictures!!! :smiley:

What camera did you use to take those shots??

We should start a shorties knee down club…show these big men how it’s really done!!!

kool pics:cool: been kding my work bike for a laugh…top box n all, its like a courier systems/addison lee style one…must get a pic of it before its too cold for kd!:smiley:

look good?

I’m the FUGGING *******…old amigo:D:D

shame im not flipping the bird AT teh camera;):smiley:


sweet pic m8 i’ll git more after my trackday and a pic of me doing a one hander :wink:


ps my cam is a sony ax200

im only 5"4 and get my knee down anywhere, this is starting to sound like, mines bigger than yours… :doze:

Nice pics:)


OHKD massive init:cool:

stace actaully lives on a diet of knee sliders…should see her eat sparkies!:w00t::smiley:

kool skool, its only for showboating…KD has no real use ya know…:Whistling::rolleyes::wink:

i no but evryone one love’s it :smiley: