Just some advice or your views please

Im looking to sell my k5 Gixxer 750, 7000miles, immaculate as I dont really use it that much, just wondered what I should expect to get back for this?

Secondly, my mate has a 98’ Zx9r C1 for sale, 26000 on the clock and also spanking condition… Il need a runna round and something i could still use to go out with the lads if need be, He wants £1700 for it but said mates rates £1300… Do I rip his arm off?

Advice appreciated…


Every mag raves about K5 750, you should get around £4500 for a mint one.

The zx9r is a bargain at £1300, they go for £1500 so if its in good nick then go for it.

Good luck.