Just Saying Hi to everyone

Hi guys, i’ve just signed up to Lb and unfortunately im not a local. I was searching for a forum that could help me with tuning

my Piaggio typhoon 125 XR and i happened to come across you guys. From browsing the forums i think that i made the right choice

to choose LB and i just want to say thanks in advance for any info that i will recieve in the future. Looking forward to making new friends.

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Is that post in iambic pentameter or does it just have some strange gaps ?

Welcome :smiley:

hi style. welcome aboard. where you from?

Welcome to LB

welcome fellow typhoon rider :slight_smile: where you from?

Im from the caribbean, a little island called Dominica. Its very beautiful and green, nature at its best.

Welcome to LB,

not local say that again:D :smiley: