just sayin elloto all

actually been a member for a while but not used much due to thirteen year old daughter and msn.good mate of B.didi my first trackday on the 21st jan at brands and loved every scary minute .baught B,s old k1 thou.what a beast.hope to tame it by the summer.got anather trackday with B at cadwell on 11th feb.looking forward to it and hope to stay upright as i did at brands.got a cpl of lb stikers.for my bike but turned out to be tricky little buggers to get off the backing, so will have to get some more.hope to hook up with some of you on the road soon.till then keep em peeled

welcome mate!

Welcome to LB mate! Firt track day eh? Nice feeling

unreal.paddock hill bend was just so daunting but got it sorted by lunch.met chuffster on the day nice fella.will try and get a few of his race meets in when the sesson starts.bit of support never hurt no one

Hi mate

Any track day you ride away from is a good one!!

Take it easy and get over to the Ace when the weather warms up.

Welcome to the pirae ship.

Welcome boyo. Anyone doing trackdays in Jan and Feb deserves to be brought a large drink.

Welcome to LB

Welcome to LB mate and all the best

Welcome aboard mate!

Hi markymark, pretty sure I met you at the Ace one night with B. Good to have you onboard, and enjoy the year ahead at the track, it’s fantastic!

Watcha mate - glad you have signed up - was good to meet you at Brands.

Have you got rid of the grin yet?

Welcome buddy