Just picked up a gsxr 750 srad 98 needs a couple of bits....

Hi all,

I have gone back to a fun IL4 with a well priced gsxr750srad on a 98 plate. The bike is fairly tidy but has just a couple of tweaks to make it perfect.

Firstly while riding it back last night as it got dark I found the speedo light doesn’t work, and at times neither did the speedo, when I got home I turned it off, then went to start it and the battery was flat. Any suggestions?

Also does anybody know of or have a list of front brake rotors that fit this model as there is a slight warp in one of them.

Any help appreciated, thank you.

Regarding the flat battery - I guess the first thing to do is to work out if the problem is due to an old battery that needs replacing or if instead it’s due to a problem with the charging system.
You can test to see if the charging system is charging the battery with a multimeter with the bike running.
If the bike is not charging then it could be worth looking at the reg rect as a first port of call. Take a look at the wiring block that goes into the reg rect - if the contacts/wiring look corroded then a clean/refurb could be in order. Couple this with a continuity test on the reg rect itself to establish if the reg rect is functioning/kaputt.

Thank you very much. I have had the battery out, I was told it was new and looks new. I cleaned the battery contacts and charged the battery, it started but I am waiting for my mates workshop to open and get to grips with the tests then.

if its got standard alarm they are shite, also there is a plug under the left panel check it over etc, gets hot and can melt.

for any bits and stuff oldskoolsuzuki.info, there is also a list of calipers that will fit, people put the 6 pots on but apparentley there not as good as the 4 pots you have on there already


Thanks for all the info.

I have been working on it today and after a bit of diagnostics found that it was just a knackered battery, simple.

The new head race bearings had been fitted while the steering dampener was in place so that was a simple fix too.

Now I just need to fettle the suspension and she’ll be right as rain.

Happy days.

BM on Wednesday I think.