Just passed my part 2!!..Biker forever!

Hey guys…

passed my part 2 on a 500cc today, meaning im now a fully licensed biker for life!..wot a great feeling, and im on top of the world…huge relief!:smiley:

(sadly what isn’t such a great feeling is that my bike that i purchased a few weeks ago that has been left out in the rain wont start!!..grr!!!..mayb a spark plug has been wettened, but i haven’t the foggiest clue how to sort it out?..and the local garage is too far to wheel it to…mayb i should sign up for some breakdown cover and ring 'em up in few days)!..

ps, any ppl sitting either of their parts feel free to message me, i’ll be happy to help out and give some tips that helped me get through the nervewracking process!