Just passed module 2

Hello guys I’ve just passed my module2!!! :slight_smile:
Now me and my hornet will be going out and about on the streets of London.
My instructor was Terrymoto, who can be found on londonbikers community.

Cheers Terry for all the training!


Congratulations mate! I remember the feeling when I just passed :wink:

If Terry taught you, can you let me know what roads you’ll be on so I can avoid them!!:w00t: only kidding, welcome to LB and congrats!


It’s “my hornet and I” dammit!!

By the way, congratulations on passing the mod 2 :slight_smile:

Congratulations. The fun starts here…:slight_smile:

Hello and welcome :w00t:

Top stuff, good news. Hope to do the same next week.

Congrats, yeah I got mod2 next week as well :smiley:

Good luck for next week George, look forward to hearing how you get on - it’s much less stressful than Mod 1. Just make sure you do all of your observations and keep rigidly to the speed limits.

That’s good to know. Passed my mod1 today (phew), doing my mod2 next Thursday. But yeah, spot on about speed limits, another poor chap from our school failed his mod2 this morning for doing 40 in a national speed limit. Was off a round about, with only signs on prior roads, bit sneaky. But it was a big wide road with no turnings or buildings either side.

Hi William, many congratulations on making it to big bike status (it’s 3 months today for me). If you look on the Events section, I am leading a ‘new to big bikes’ ride out on Sunday - let me know by replying on that thread if you fancy coming.

Congratulations… Have you stopped grinning like a loon yet?

congrats + welcome

well done!