Just passed direct access

Hi, I was on training with Gina and she mentioned this site so thought I’d look in ! I’ve been browsing Visor Down too, picking up some useful stuff.

Gina mentioned a regular meeting at the Ace Cafe, when’s the next one ?

Going to collect first bike this weekend, Triumph Daytona 600, if it’s not a mess when I get there.

Cheers, Steve

welcome to LB

Welcome…Ace on Fridays normally…Borough Market on Wednesdays.

Good to catch up with mates.

Welcome aboard, see you at our meet!

Newbie meets normally at the Ace on the first monday of the month - so only a few days away.

Well done & welcome to LB

Thanks, too excited to work at the moment, had a test ride last weekend and it was so nice compared to the ER5 we trained on. Found another much cheaper on eBay.

If I get the bike I’ll try to get to the Ace, been there before with my car but that’s off the road at the moment.


Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to the madhouse

congrats on passing ur test

and welcome to lb

welcome to LB mate there is a newbie night down the ace this monday,

hope to see you around soon

hiya steve and welcome abord!!!

dont forget to look into the road ur going in!!! hehehe

and no coments about my u turns u!! or my swearing!!!

Greetings dude and welcome to L-B. And congrats on passing your test!

welcome to LB steve!