Just one more sleep...

He’s going for taller and taller bikes each time in the hope that I won’t be able to get on them. But I think he might be having a nap right now and I know where the keys are kept…shhhhhhh!

Seriously tho the bike looks and sounds absolutely awesome!

Et - congrats buddy that is one frightfully sweeeet looking machine !!

I’ve STILL got the Tuono so gix a shout when you are up for a " potter " about and will meet ya somewhere !!

You told Yogi you got that yet ??

p.s - still got your scrubs in my garage , don’t suppose they will fit the SDR - does Ness want them for her Gix ?

Keep it real buddy :wink:

Cheers mate. I’ll probably take it out for a spin this afternoon (I’m working from home today), so let me know if you are about. Yogi knows about the bike :slight_smile: I’ll see if he is around this afternoon too.

I forgot about the tyres. I’ll stick them on as soon as it gets a little warmer - I want to get the Dunlops off asap anyway.

Schweet dude! I am sure you are gonna have some fun on that one! :smiley: