just noticed something wrong on leon haslams ducati

i was looking at the galleries from brands bsb

in a top level sport where races are won or lost by thousands of a second/half bike lengths

why is his transponder mounted so far back?


That’s a very good question! It’d normally be tucked away out of sight, not where it could create drag and slow the bike down. Perhaps it was a test unit. No idea, just guessing!

Good to see you there that weekend mate. How did it go for you after qualifying?


12th in free practice,11th in first qualifying,32nd in 2nd qualifying

started 32nd, got up to 14th, but went straight on at surtees rejoining in last place

tyres were fuct by then, so i pulled out

if i can afford to, i will do a few more rounds next season

its not the fact that its sticking out, but that its nearly a metre behind the most forward point

he could lose a race by a wheel