Just me ?

I don’t know if it’s just me … but when I press “add reply” to a thread … the screen pops up very quickly … but then it takes ages, for the last thing to load (some google syndication ad) … and untill that loads up, I can’t even type in the white box !!

Have to wait like 15 - 20 seconds before I can even post a reply ?

It’s just you! Or at least nobody else has reported it yet. Odd. Perhaps try clearing out your cache.

It’s cos you have a yellow bike

SAme thing happens to me half the time, i didnt report it cos thought it was just me

Happened to me on this new lap-top - then I remembered I’d forgotten to populate my ‘hosts’ file. Here’s how:


Quite why this site needs to use third-party nasty adware escapes me.

Nearly always happens to me. And somehow constantly clicking on a smiley makes it go faster

We don’t use adware?

We make use of some Google services, so it’s possible you have what they call ‘bad routing’ to some of Googles servers, which would slow things down. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any fix for this beyond changing ISP!

Thanks for raising it though, without people letting us know about these things, we can’t do anything about them. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Pete, I keep telling you this … you’re jealous ! lol

Well, I’m running Vista … so that hosting file thingy wouldn’t work for me … it didn’t do it just now however, strange !

And now to make it worse you have YELLOW wheel trims

It’s not adware :slight_smile: It’s just google banner ads - they’re there to try and help pay for the site as I understand it… all this bandwidth doesn’t happen for free!


Yep, same here, on home pc AND all the ones at work. When trying to reply to a thread, the page loads except for the last bit, so the cursor doesn’t appear in the box to allow you to start typing. Have to hit ‘refresh’ once or twice and then the page usually loads fully. Its only been happening for the past few weeks though. Used to be fine up until then.

The offen(ding/sive) site linked is http: //pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js

(broken deliberately above) - if that isn’t adware WFT is.

BTW, what is the site data transfer per month? (Not ‘bandwidth’ - a much maligned descriptive noun with a very particular definition.) There may be a much cheaper solution…

Exactly the same problems here

Bit of a techy reply so appolgies in advance

Might not help Jay but if you put the source for the Google ad box at the bottom/end of the HTML source file and then use CSS to position it at the top of the page it should force the rest of the page to load first, followed by the Google bit. <------ Technique used in building accessible web pages.


It’s code that delivers the ads on to the site which help LB pay for it’s ‘bandwidth’ bills - Jim, I’m more than aware of all the terms in this industry, working in it for the last 6 years, not to mention the 150+ BBC and commercial sites I’ve built (as CSD) and delivered… then there’s Jay who’s the most techie person I know - the man could code me up and down a wall (both SSD and CSD) before I knew how he was doing it - what really winds me up is that people come to the site and assume that they know more than the coder genius who started it, and that all of a sudden know a cheaper solution that is definitely better etc etc etc… don’t you think that Jay and everyone else has gone through that? Especially when the bills are being paid out of his own pocket? Do you not think that he’s got the best deal he possibly can after 2 years of hosting and delivery? This site transfers upwards of 2gb of data per day… you’d be amazed how many hosting companies deem that outside their ‘fair use’ policy.

Sorry this is a bit of a rant… but having been on the ‘inside’ of this site I can assure you that Jay is well on top of the technical and hosting part of this site… a small delay when a page loads… so blasted what? It’s free ffs. It’s about time people just enjoyed what they’re getting for free on the back of a dedicated and exceptionally clever man.

It’s also worth pointing out that Jay has been building the new version of this site for the last few months and I don’t doubt for a moment that he’s not gone into how the google ads will be delivered in the best way possible.

Sorry Jim - nothing personal - just hit a nerve.

Understood Matt, and I didn’t want to ruffle feathers, I can see how much effort has gone into this.

2GB a day? That shouldn’t need Google-ads - I have something similar just on a personal account. (25+domains etc etc, running just under 30GB/month, a fraction of the available data-haul available on a soft-landing basis. NO ADs allowed!)

Just for reference, that’s a bog-standard Gradwell developer account…

Thanks for that Jim I’m sure Jay will look at it - I’m trying to buy in playground servers for the beeb at the moment - and I looked at the Gradwell developer accounts and their solutions - the problem from my point of view was the lack of support - but that’s kinda what it’s aimed at, developers and playground systems so perhaps I’ll look at it again, but from memory their fair use policy is a bit of a bugger when it comes to CPU time… another factor for me at least.

Again sorry if I can across a bit flouncy…