Just Joined

Gidday, thought i’d pop in and say hello…Hello.

Ride into london every day on my Buell City X

Welcome to LB mate! where’s the pics of your ride?

Hello and welcome! And if you’re a good-looking guy, where’s the picture of you? And, more to the point, do you like pizza?

I’ll take one in the weekend and stick it on.

Luv Pizza, but i think the bike is better looking than me…

Welcome aboard mate!

Hi and Welcome Mate I’ll have a pint of vodka HAHA

Welcome Kiwi

I,m new here to


Hey! Welcome to LB mate… Enjoy it here!


Welcome. Nice bike mate. Was thinking about getting one myself.

Sooo many new ‘members’ (that word… :doze - you’d better be quick up to the bar, a queue is forming.

Hello kiwibloke, welcome to LB!

Welcome to the nuthouse Kiwi…

Welcome Kiwi Bloke

thanks everyone for a warm welcome…


kiwibloke… Hello and Welcome Dude…