Just installed inline fuel filter on my CBR

I was advised that I should install a fuel filter on my CBR 125 as it would collect all the dirt and would make the bike run cleaner and improve performance.

After installing the filter, fumbling about and drinking petrol… I manage to install it under the fuel tank and the performance increased.

The bike Rev much quicker and the top speed at gone from 65 to 72.

Or maybe it just psychological :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to know how that works:D:D:D

yeah wot chunks said, you got a filter in the tap anyhoo and all this says to me the fuel you was putting in was sh1te and full of crap.

wow i best get me one of those special filters:w00t::w00t::w00t:

All them silly sods who spend a fortune on Dynojet kits could have done it for 50p…lol:D

come on fellows dont take the pi55 too much, he obviously had some kind of blockage anyway and by fitting the new filter probably cleared it. i reckon

ha bloody ha…:stuck_out_tongue:

I get it…

I was told it would help… only cost £2.00, but I guess there is no need for it.


'Corse there’s a need for it. The thing in the tank is a bit of wire gauze that just stops stray dogs and old ice cream wrappers getting sucked though. You now have something that does the job properly.

£2 well spent I’d say.

Butto be honest, if it works as a go faster though I’ll be amazed. So amazed, I’ll fit two.

If it’s a carbed bike the filter (depending on size) could be acting as a small swirl pot which might keep the carb fed better under short term high fuel demand, but only for a few seconds which might last enough for top speed in London.

If that’s the case then there could be a problem with the in tank filter, blocked or rusty.

Two, you say ?

I just happen to have 2 new red anodised ones sat in my garage.Will make your bike mucho fast, honest.

£30 each and I’m cutting me own throat :slight_smile:

Never thought of that… good thinking…How would I access the fuel filter in the tank, its a sealed unit?

ive opened up the carbs etc on my cbr and really doubt what you said will make any difference. you can go faster than 72mph on a stock cbr125r…well i have!

my carb was spotless when i opened it up [at 17k miles]…ive stuck to using shell v-power since ive aquired the bike…if that makes any difference.

gurninman £30 each and I’m cutting me own throat.

You been reading Terry Pratchet disc world novels?

Sorry, no idea about that, mine in injected and if you take the pump out of the tank there’s a filter on the inlet to it, yours might be similar. See if you can get a manual for it.