just had an off


Sorry to hear about your friend’s accident, good to hear that they are ok.

Unlucky mate, not nice ocnditions out there, how hard did he hit the lamppost and probably some wiring been shorted somewhere, could be with the alarm or something like that.

head bearings might have taken a hit so that might be the loose steering, have it checked out by a mechanic.


something could have been dislodged in either a tracker or an alarm so would get those checked out as well. Also check the manual as it could be an error code for something?

0…damb snow…

oh yeah,

temp high beam works but not when i put the constant one on.

you get what i mean?

I reckon that high beam and the warning lights could well be connected, some wiring crossed somewhere…

Good luck in sorting it - if you need anywhere then FWR will sort you out easily.

Sounds like the switch gear that controls hazards and high/low beam has taken a beating.

Are there any cracks or other damage to the switches.

Also check the wiring from the switches.

Sorry about the off.

Damn ice. Glad your mate is fine. Good luck on the repairs.