Just had an accident

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Oh no Snap! Bad luck! I hope the Police have his details and that you traded insurance details, took photos of the scene, got witness statements and the like??? What did Mr Merc have to say? Glad you’re okay!

Thanks jay, In the process of doing all youve mentioned. Mr merc said his brakes failed hence the double bumps ouch thanks mr merc. Oh well.

Man your luck dude sorry to hear that! Main thing is your ok! Hopefully you can get the bike sorted too!

**** mate thats bad, as has been said on the other site get to the hospital and get checked out, it can be a few days before whiplash sets in and takes effect, get it checked whiplash gets a nice compensation payout

A wee update…

I went to the hospital, they were totally useless! I was there for 5 minutes (not waiting time) despite being in soooo much pain that i can bearly walk straight. Will go and see my GP on monday.

I did get all the details from mr merc and an independent witness. I did go to the police and they say that he hasnt got a leg to stand on since he hit me from behind and as i have a witness too. They will do him for driving without due care the officer reckoned.

Thank god that i had bought legal cover but they arent making my life any easier. About getting a replacement bike…no you cant have one. Why i say? Coz you have another bike on your policy…Yes i do but its a sports bike and its not exactly going to help with my back pain? After half an hour of arguing with people higher up in the company we came to an agreement…Get a doctor to write that you cant ride a sports bike and we’ll sort it out. Whilst at the hospital within my 5 minutes i expailed the situation to the doctor and she said…NO!

Its bad enough having an accident but the hassle the follows is just something else