Just had a proper brown trouser moment

So was out early this morning to meet one of my engineers to give him some key’s.

Riding back stopped at a roundabout to let cars go, as I start out of the corner of my eye I see a car trying to over take me so I open it a bit to stay in front (if he had got passed I’d have been on the pavement as no where else to go) anyway I stay in front only for the bike to start fish tailing violently!! I shat myself but some how managed to stay up right…

I thought I was going to shoot off it was so bad…

Anyone else had that fun?

Yes. Spun up the rear of the FJ1200 a few times. Too much torque… gets a bit fun in the wet as well. Glad I have a gutless bike now (well 47bhp)…

I used to love spinning the back up on my bikes (when I was younger and a bit sillier) and having a little rolling burnout until I done it once and it threw me off lol. Since then it has all been unintentional and can be a little unnerving at times

Know what you mean about unnerving. floor was wet but not raining which would not have helped 1 bit.

Its moments like this, that make me thankful for tena men

get a dirt bike …ride lots of interesting terrain … you have to spin up the rear to remove the mud/shit on the nobbles so that is why it builds confidence when the bike starts to move about … wet tarmac has never felt so grippy after a day on the mud.