Just got back from Paris. Had lunch in the Eiffel Tower.

Can’t say it was on two wheels though - it was mothers day so we did the whole thing in Laura’s car - she wanted to drive dow the Champs Eleysee topless (well with the car top down anyway).

Couple of recommendations, we drove down yesterday morning so we had dinner at Le fumoir just behind the Louvre. Very nice place for cocktails and the food was good. Not too pricey (Euro140 for 3).

For lunch we went to the Eiffel tower and ate at the Jules Verne restaurant. Fabulous views, superb food and probably worth the Euro 600 bill. (Lunch is E175 per head and no concept of a kids meal - but they did let us choose the a la carte entree for her which saved us 80 Euros.

Drive there and back was awesome - the 911 munches miles effortlessly.

I have many brownie points for best mothers day meal…


So we expect you to be at all future “weekend ride outs” for the foreseeable future then?

Had lunch there too about 2 years back… Was nice but forgot to take the Chillie sauce…


Oh how the other half live.

What, wasting a wet weekend in Paris when they could have been poohsticking.

How jolly pleasant.

I too can recommend some lovely spots for Breakfast :slight_smile:

Fatboys cafe in Kingston is my favourite, though I suspect a 911 with the roof down would last about 9.11 minutes before it got knicked. Maybe best to stick to your little place behind the Louvre. :wink:

Is there still loads of dog **** on the streets?

Yes Paris is still the dirty sh%&hole it always has been - and unfortunately full of Parisians (the worst type of French person), and also it is still a place you expect to get ripped off for everything. But, despite all that there is a still an attraction a bit more powerful than Fatboys cafe.