Just got back from a short blast...

Got back about a week ago from a 5 week, 6500 mile, mostly sunny tour of much of Europe. And I have to say it was without doubt the best time of my life. I’ve only been riding since last September but felt I was ready for a bit of a European trip, though I wasn’t able to rouse any of my mates into going - boring sods. Though despite being on my own, I was never alone, as I have found is so often the way on a bike. Whether I was filling up or parking in the back end of beyond, there was always someone who wanted to know where I was from or where I was going. Met a lot of cool people.

The trip went something like France, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany again, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, then back down through Scandinavia and along the coast to the Eurotunnel and home. Made it back just in time me thinks… :slight_smile:

Despite my Bonneville deciding to spin a main bearing a week before I left, I went out and found a 1997 Speed Triple 900 which promptly decided I needed neither a fuel tap or side stand. With the bike in pieces a few hours before I left I was not confident! But I made it to the Tunnel and the bike was faultless the entire trip. I can also thoroughly recommend Kriega bike luggage, of which I had the R35 backpack and US10 tailpack. Both comfortable and waterproof throughout.

The highlight for me was definitely Norway, a magic combination of phenomenal roads and breathtaking scenery, none of which I seem to have captured on camera very well despite taking hundreds of photos! Though it is shockingly expensive even by Scandinavian standards and the speed limits are a bit draconian. Though once I was away from Oslo I didn’t see a single Police car and there are ways to limit the spending quite effectively.

A couple of highlights from Norway

This is the Atlantic Road out of Kristiansund - lots of little islands joined by these great bridges.

The Trollstigen - Norway’s own Stelvio Pass (with less traffic)

Geirangerfjord - Absolutely beautiful and a great ride- and I completely failed to capture this! :smiley:

Save money by staying in these Hytta’s. Basic and cheap accommodation and they’re eveywhere.

In the 24.5km Laerdels Tunnel. I spent over 60km underground this day and it was the sunniest it had been all week!

Just your average spot to stop for lunch :smiley:

As the title says, if you have the means (and the funds) I cannot recommend enough just getting on your bike and going out and exploring. I just used maps, went where I wanted and whether it was following a Desmosedici through the Austrian Alps, being the only English guy at the Danish MC Festival or finding a 3 inch nail in my rear tyre at the most Northerly point of my trip, just thinking about it makes me want to get back out there.

Sorry for the waffly post, I’m finding it hard to readjust to normality… :smiley:

very nice :slight_smile:

Great stuff! Lovely pics! :slight_smile:

mental photos love that mad dukes of hazzard style bridge

Thats a great set of photos!!! :smiley:

Great pix and what a superb experience. You’ve added more bike miles to your tally than many do in a year!

Great road trip. Norway is a great place for being on the road; views everywhere - it almost seems a shame to break the speed limit as you have to savour them.

Going to get over there again next year.

Your pictures are breathtakingly beautiful!! :cool:

ya jammy bugger looks like you had an amazing trip :slight_smile:

pix look great as well