Just goes to show

After washing my bike last night I went in for a bit then came back out to get the bike off the Micron rear stand.

Now I don’t know how it happened but as I lowered the bike, the bike’s stand moved into the up position. I still was holding the bike with the pillion grab strap as I do when lifting and lowering it onto the Micron, but the weight was too much and the bike slowly fell to the ground.

Arggh…It landed on some soft ground, but that ground is raised by a stone enclosure about knee high.

Got my dad to help me lift the bike back up…Was so pissed off (first bike I’ve dropped ever), and was fearing the worst plastic damage wise.

Lo and behold, there was hardly any damage…The side of the bike hadn’t touched down at all…The front fairing was slightly scuffed and had a small crack, but that was it.

I went from to

R&G’s have done it again…Really couldn’t believe it.

The upper and lower bobbins are essential equipment on any faired bike.

Had I had the lowers fitted when I crashed earlier in the year, I believe the damage would have been much less.

I bet you were relieved eh?

It’s a dreadful bolox in the back of your throat moment when your bike is on the deck regardless of how it got there.

It always happens in slow motion too

Yes mate…Was a real heart stopper.

I think I’m just gonna buy about £1 Million worth of body work, so I don’t care so much anymore.