Just found this forum again in my links after years

Any how I thought id post up a few pictures of my GSXR, I probably know some of you people from other sites but its cold as feck here in Canada and im bored so I wont be out on my beast for a while.
Cause im sitting here in the Prairies in Alberta Canada, thinking of a day of riding in a six month season we have here

its a GSXR 750/1000
with a K2 Motor
with a few mods here and there.

As it is out here right now you see my situation :frowning:

That bike is crying out to move south. Why the heck would you move somewhere with a 6 month season???

Sheesh. Anyway - welcome back to the forum.

Yes I ask My self that Daily

Whereabouts in Alberta are you?

Im in Strathmore Alberta about 60KM east of Calgary

Welcome and that’s an angry looking SRAD, very nice!! :slight_smile: