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Right Grumpy :wink: …have a read :smiley:


For me, it sums up the last 2 weeks perfectly. Forget out the corrupt Olympics officials, awful ticketing, expense…we’ve just witnessed a once in a lifetime event and the boys (and girls) done good.


Do you get it now , Morrissey ?

My god, the Mirror says I’m an idiot, how did I not see that.

You’re right… naive ignorant bliss coated in a “British feeling” is far better than dealing with the difficult issues… now, do you want me to change that nappy for you or are you happy to sit in your own sh!t… cos it is easier isn’t it? remember if you want that warm comfortable feeling… why not suck on your mum’s tit again as well…

“Don’t ask hard questions… it might mean I have to take repsonsibility for something… poor us, we haven’t felt British for so long…”

Your childish 2 dimensional idiocy only reaffirms the need for intelligent people to keep asking the difficult cos you clearly aren’t going to …

See, deep down in my grumpy world, which you really know nothing about, I enjoyed the Olmypics too… but you’re right remember, don’t rock the boat, don’t ask questions… if the telly tells you its true… it is… carry on… oh yeah and when you are sitting in that **** filled nappy… don’t eat it baby, its bad for you ok.

More importantly Tobi - The Spice girls…well would you?

there’s a German expression, that says ALL Cats are Black in the Dark…

I agree with Bluelagos and Toby.

Yes it was a monumental event, done extremely well.

It doesn’t change anything. Still loads of unemployed, still a Tory Government attacking every small group they can, from immigrants to the under classes to the disabled in a futile attempt to distract the vast majority of employed people in this country for their own personal living hell. Still a housing crisis that means people are paying far in excess of their wages simply to put a roof over their head, still frozen wages and increasing prices, still a recession that the Government has not yet realised we can’t “austerity” our way out of…etc etc etc the list goes on and on.

Having a good two weeks of a well organised Olympic games where sportsmen and women from a range of different backgrounds managed to succeed, has what impact on the state of our nation?

Pretending that the London 2012 Olympics has somehow instilled us with a new hope, a new purpose and a new opportunity for stepping forward is absolute nonsense.

We still face the same problems that no one wants to address, still have a media that is mainly corrupt and worthless, politicians more interested in lining their own pockets and furthering a political agenda than dealing with the problems we face as a nation and a populace more interested in celebrities than social or economic issues.

deleted, too grumpy to care


I agree with most of what you say, only I think there is a real legacy from the games - we celebrated multicultural Britain and we saw some of what multicultural Britain can achieve. Mo Farrah is from Somalia ffs, previously only famous in many minds for Islamic terrorism and pirates. Many Daily Mail readers would I am sure have had him deported the minute he stepped on our shores - Ayslum seekers being the evil cause of all our problems.

Yet in one man, we can celebrate an immigrant, an asylum seeker, who has shown what can be done and stick two fingers up to the “lock the borders” mentality of so many.

Appreciate I may be a bit naive (as Tobi pointed out) but it feels like we celebrated Britain for what it is and I think that should be welcomed 100%. It was a distraction for sure from many of the UK’s structural problems but that shouldn’t take away the positive messages I reckon.


Glad you enjoyed the games, that wasn’t the impression I’d got from your previous posts…

Can we delete this thread please, or lock it so that only registered forum grumps can post and read it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I get what you guys are saying but there’s nothing wrong with lifting people’s spirits occasionally. Sure, there’s still loads of problems facing the country, the EU, and the world as a whole, and nothing’s really changed in the last 16 days or so, but sometimes people just need to forget their worries and have fun for a change without being made to feel guilty for it. I can be a real cynic too a lot of the time and “grumpy”, “gramps” etc… are words that have been used to describe me in the past, but if you can’t see the benefit in making people feel patriotic and proud for a few days in the midst of all the doom and gloom of the last few years then there’s something wrong with you.

Of course people shouldn’t just bury their heads in the sand and assume that everything’s going to be okay, just accepting what the government tells them etc. etc. but no-ones suggesting that the Olympics have solved all the issues, or even hidden those issues. And anyone who thinks the whole country is living in “naive ignorant bliss”, Toby, just because of the Olympics, is spouting the same rubbish that they’re trying to fight!

People are just happy to have let their hair down for a bit. And surely, if anything, it will give them a boost and help to start pushing towards improving this country’s future. If it doesn’t, well, then we’re no worse off than we were before the Olympics.

ooo dear boo hoooo. wahhh wahhhh, snivel snivel.

We are so poor here in GB, lots of problems, I dunno what to do about, in fact i cant be arsed, so I’m going to moan instead… think yourselves lucky you miserable_ cunts


Wow… someone really missed the point here… back in the box slipper1 we’ll let you know when you’re needed, :wink:

I think when you’re bein singled out as someone who every thinks is miserable and you really see to spend a lot of time either annoying folk or being seen as a Victor Meldrew impersonator, its time to go away and have a quiet think about what I’ve done and achieved…

On the whole I think its time I called it quits.

WHen I first joined this site, I made a lot of friends… most of them have left and its only cos I’m a creature of habit that I keep coming back here…

But it isn’t really that much fun any more… and logging on for the mass positive response that I seem to generate seems a pretty stupid use of my time.

I will still ride, but the typing bit has run its course.

Thanks to the folk that got this up and running.

Thanks also to the friends I’ve made in here, wherever you’ve gone and whatever you got up to.

I will be on my way. Good luck to you all and stay safe on the roads and I might see you on the roads.

Be lucky

In my opinion that would be an unfortunate loss, stay!


Yeah stick around Toby. Everyone hated Jesus as well when he was alive but now look at him! :smiley:

You can’t just leave Toby, has to be someone else here to wind people up besides me :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Toby - although I like the farewell speech it could be a a lot more dramatic (maybe you can use the Smith’s theme tune and accompanying youtube pictures below to help - although the Olympic remark is the first time I have been forced to disagree with Morrissey). Also we need to see you at the OMC BBQ for flowers, gifts, blank cheques and a big kiss on both cheeks:D:D Come on, you know you want to eat Jamie’s chicken thighs and feel the love:cool:


Toby has not logged in since yesterday. COME BACK Toby:D :smiley: In the words of the yoof - yous sick blud innit :cool: