Just fancied a sing song

Are you ready to party
Here we go

Almost heaven West Virginia
Blue Ridge Mountains Shenandoah river
Life is old there older than the trees
Younger than the mountains blowin’ like a breeze

Country roads take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia mountain momma
Take me home country roads

Sorry for my childish behaviour. I got a day out the Mauldsley and this is the only forum I ain’t been banned on…Its great :smiley:

ooh i like this one, a quick visit to itunes… :smiley:

All my memoires, Gather 'round her,
Miners Lady, Stranger to Blue Waaaaatttteerrrr.
Dark and Dusty, Painted on the Sky,
Whiskey taste of Moonshine
Teardrop in my eye.

Country roads… etc

Shout going out to da Bev…

Spitting wicked lyrics right about now inside da arena…Keep it locked.93.9 Moto King FM…:w00t:

Wicked Wicked Jungle is MASSIVE