Just dropped my bike...

Sorry to hear that

Oh no! That’s similar to what happened to me this week apart from a guy drove up to me in his car and asked if I was ok and drove over my wing mirror. I was in shock I couldn’t speak to tell him what he had done and give me £20 for a new one. I’m starting to really hate riding into London nowadays. Might just change routes and give that a go for a while to see if it’s any better. I hate the OKR!

sorry to hear about this :frowning:

Im sorry about that mate. But at least its repairable.

That’s too bad, sorry to hear it. Strangely, I almost did the same thing myself today. For the first time the front wheel got away from me and I had to put my feet down to keep the bike up. Someone pulled away onto a round a bout, then slammed their breaks on. I slammed my front brake on (only going maybe 10 mph, but accelerating) and the front wheel just skidded out from me. Luckily for me I guess, I’m quite a big guy and didn’t have too much trouble holding it up and getting it straight again… Still a bit of a shock.

As far as trying to find CCTV for ‘evidence’, I think it’s probably not worth it I heard buses are NEVER blamed for accidents like this, even when they pull right out infront of someone We’re supposed to always give way, no matter what.

OH NO!!! Dropping my bike is always a fear cos I’m too bloody short! You got mushrooms on it?!

A lot of London buses now have CCTV installed on them,some to record bus lane offences,some to record what happens on the bus,I don’t know if that might help in your case.If you can work out the route number and time and write to the company they may be obliged to assist.No harm in trying and see what you can find out.Best of luck!!!Forgot to say if the local council have CCTV as well that covers the area they also have to keep it for a certain time

I bought crash protectors but stupidly have not put them on the bike as I thought they looked pretty much like two giant door stops hanging off the bike and I did not really want to drill holes in my gorgeous black fairings…will probably have to give in and put them on now!!

It’s like drilling into a Ferrarri and sticking rubber bumpers onto the doors!

Try David Silver Spares 01728 833020

They specialise in honda parts, i’ve used them loads of times and they’re usually massively cheaper than the official cost, good luck getting it sorted for a reasonable price.

Sorry to hear the bad news dude, I know the feeling