Just dropped my bike...

I am sooooo mad I don’t like showing my emotions but I honestly feel like crying right now!! London traffic is something else! I was riding up the high street in my area crossing over an intersection behind a bus and another car when this bus suddenly swerves out to the right cutting me off and then slams on his brakes. I have no idea what the hell he was doing.

Luckily I was practically idling at the time but my front bars where turned slightly as I was about to change lanes & overtake him… I hit the brakes to avoid him & the other car… lost the front end and my Blade tipped over! I think I said swear words that have not even been created yet!

Both the car and bus just drove off without a care in the world, not even a glance to see what happened!! A very nice man in a white van behind me jumped out to see if I was alright and picked the bike up for me. He really was a gentleman. Wish I had gotten his details to thank him again.

Usually the brake lever is designed to snap off cleanly, but luckily it was still intact so I could at least ride home after checking the bike for leaks and any serious damage. I can confirm that the engine cut off mechanism does work as the engine went dead and took a couple of trys to restart it. Bet this is going to cost a whole bunch to get rid of all the scatches and broken bits!! My hand hurts too!!


I’m sending out a BIG HUG to you. I’m so sorry to read this


ooooooffffff what hurts more, the hand or the site of the beauty lying on the floor.

Sorry pal, I would hate this.

Thanks Lustfish & guys…sniff…I can’t even bare to check out all the damage right now.

I did not even notice the sore hand until I got home as all I was worried about was my baby!! Oh well, back to Honda we go again!

If there is anything I can do. I feel for you babe, I really do.

that really is crap

Thanks again Lustfish…I’m a big girl so I will just have to bite the bullet & take the pain! All part of being a biker I guess. I must say that I felt better when I used to crash riding motocross bikes even though I had worse injuries 'cause that’s just part of the sport. It’s my first crash on the roads in the UK and probably won’t be my last judging by the way some people drive. Maybe I should buy a banged up old moped

That`s not nice but at least you are alright.

im sorry to here that to!!wat pigs!!!

but the white van gang were there!!!

That is crap. Did you get the bus number at the least. If you have a time record of when this happened, you can then contact them via your insurers and get recompense. It is worth a try. Numbered buses at a particular time on a particular route, that is them nailed!

Hope you GWS.

It just happened so fast that all I was really worried about was moving myself & my bike out of further harms way. By then the bus & car were both gone. Not sure if it might be worthwhile checking to see if any CCTV cameras caught anything on tape as it was at a very busy intersection in a high street. Perhaps big brother was watching?

I know it is only a material thing that got damaged but like some of you out there, my bike means a great deal to me even though it is not my only means of transport. You care for it, polish and clean it, feed it petrol, add your own individual small touches and in return you get to have the best fun ever! I love my bike and it hurts that it got damaged due to the pure carelessness of other road users. If my reactions had been slower I could have been really badly injured.

sorry to hear that… really sucks

gutted for ya matey…hope your hand gets better. bike may be a sore sight at the moment but at least its repairable

Just got off the phone with Honda…over £400 pounds and counting so far just for one new footpeg (broken) , rear cowl (cracked) and middle cowl (scratched to bits). Whhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

know the feeling m8. wen i had me off first thing i said was f#ck me bike den f#ck me lid den it was f#ck me finger. u don`t notice pain @ da time 2 of an off l8r on u do

Awful, so sorry to hear about this. It is sooo gutting when you drop yer pride and joy, even mine, which is no way as pristine as yours, when I dropped it I was jumping around shouting…

But as it often said on here, bikes are repairable, people are not, just glad you are OK.

Sorry to hear about your “off”

Just to echo others’ sentiments - Bikes can be mended, bones take longer.

Search the net for the broken bits.

Rearsets or aftermarket rests work out cheaper than OEM bits.

Ebay is also an excellent source of bits.

Sorry to hear that, atleast no major injuries to yourself or the bike.

Glad you’re both fixable!