Just Discovered A Powder Coating Place!

After much searching around for a powder coating place around South London/Surrey, discovered by accident a place called Adept in Thornton Heath. Took some bits down there last Monday (Fairing Stay, Indicator brackets, Sprocket Carrier and a set of Crash Bars) to be done and for what they say is involved, blasting, rubbing down by hand and double powder coating, my quote of £50 (admittedly for a mixture of satin and gloss black) for the lot seemed not too bad at all! Anyway, they told me that the bits should be ready by the end of the week and if the results are any good I’ll be taking more bits along :smiley: I was impressed by the fact that when I wandered into their workshop there was a pair of motorcycle wheels recently finished that I could have a look at. Anyone else out there had experience of these guys? When I get to pick up my parts I’ll follow up with more news…

Would be interested to see what they turn out like. Just had a quote from a company in North London and they wanted £50 per rim, (for me wheels). Which I thought was reasonable.

Tez, i see you a olskoolsuzuki user.

there was a powdercoaters just off ilderton rd, cant think of road but if you go down ilderton rd towards okr past surrey canal rd on left over the sort of hill and first right then left, dont know if still there though.


Yes indeedy Chop, Oldskool has helped me keep the ol’ banger on the road :smiley: Adept is a small place but the guys in there were friendly enough and seemed to know their stuff. I’ve got them to do parts that are not very visible (apart from the crash bars but they were cheapo off fleabay). They quoted me £45 for a wheel in your typical basic colours, metallics and candies were extra but didn’t say by how much…

Once the trusty bike is back up on it’s wheels I’ll take a ride down to that place you mention, Chop, it’ll be a little run out, whether it’s there or not :smiley:

Adept sounds familiar. Think it might be the place that I took a metal seat base into for simple shot and bead blasting.

When I went back to collect it, they’d shot blasted it and powder coated it semi gloss black to match what was left of the original finish because they’d got some other stuff going through in that colour.

Still only charged the tenner they’d quoted for the blasting. What a bargain!

Might check this place out, been meaning to get my wheels done for ages, wonder what bright spark at Suzuki thought it would be a good idea to put white wheels on a motorbike:D They do look good when they’re clean, but 1 ride and all that elbow grease is wasted and they look manky again.

If it’s Suzuki powder coating, I’m surprised it’s still stuck to the wheels.

To be fair, if it was Aprilia powder coating, it might well fall off on the ride home from the dealers.

Yeah, its still stuck to the wheels, unfortunately so is all the brake dust which seems to have worked its way into the coating, especially on the front and its bloody impossible to clean even with paraffin.

Try “Muckoff” and/or WD40. Both pretty good.