Just Cleaned the F-Sport

Just cleaned up the F-Sport and added some new LB stickers too

O and a good excuse to show off the new undertray and solo seat unit


back left.jpg

back right.jpg

front right.jpg

And here are the stickers. I put one of the screen and 2 on the tank under the Honda logos.


new sticker 1.jpg

new sticker 2.jpg

Looks good! The seat unit worked out ok in the end then?

Looks good Kev. Get the rear cowl stickered up as it looks quite naked.

Thanks Savoury, it did work out quite nice my dads friend smartened it up for me and did a cheap spray for now.

I will have to get a decent paint job done on the rear and also I need to take it to some sort of motorbike body shop to get the undertray on better and then I will sticker it up Sam

Just need to spend loads of money on the damn thing lol.