Just checking in from 33,000 feet

Just on my way back from New Zealand and Singapore and couldnt wait to use the wireless internet on this singapore airlines flight and check in and see what has been going on whilst I have been away. Great to see that things are warming up in the UK at last and cant wait to see and meet everyone on the 23rd.

Nice one fella, hope you’ve got some snaps for us…

Jay is that snaps of NZ , Singapore or the Singapore Airlines stewardessesess? Bit of turbulence at present isnt helping the spelling! Or is that the red wine speaking?

Red wine on planes rocks, the right drink for the journey Share whichever pictures you like mate!

Pref hostesses or bikes. In that order please Roger!

Think I might get one of those installed on the Duke

I’d need an oxygen mask for the giddy heights she could take me to…