Just Bought My First Bike...

Hi All,Went out to have a look-see at the bike that’s been holding my attention since I started looking - the new Honda CBF125 and ended up buying it - got just over 5% off the OTR price :smiley:

Picking it up in 10 days or so :smiley:

Here she is:

Bugger - pic don’t work - hang on - here’s a link: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/Sw_qQtZdSVM5p0p01KwvUQ?feat=directlink

Nice, good price and warranty, etc, have fun on it!

Cheers Ian,

Won’t be long til yours arrives either :smiley:

Nothing like a first bike.

And the new CBF looks good.

Cheers OG - will let y’all know how she rides once I’ve had her out for a spin :smiley: