Just being stroppy or the truth?

Got pulled by old bill and they looked over the bike etc said it was well maintained and checked all my details which is fair enough. However, he gave my end can a good going over. It is a Blueflame can twin exit port with the baffles removed. The can is road legal with the baffles in.

He said to me thats a straight through can and illegal for the road. Ok I can’t disagree but I turned to him and said with the baffles in it’s a road legal can and proceeded to show him the BSA number thingy. He said that means nothing and is an exhaust part number it’s totally illegal even with baffles in! So I said well it’s passed an MOT twice with the baffles in and I also have the legal documentation at home from bluflame proving that the can is road legal with baffles fitted. Anyway he got stroppy and went on blah blah blah and then let me on my way.

So do you think I should put the baffles and documenttation under my seat incase I get pulled and moaned at again?

He was speaking to me like I knew nothing about bikes and he was Mr superior. It seemed that because he couldn’t pick any other faults with the bike and I was all legal he focused on the can and proceeded to get a real strop on.

I always keep number plates and the rest of my bike legal and hate riding a bike with a standard exhuast I find it very dfangerous. When having ridden my bike with a standard can before pedestrians walk out in front of you and people really just don’t know your there. I find my can a big safety aid to be honest.

I was just a little peed off the way he spoke to me there wasn’t any need for it really. It annoyed me a bit especially when I wasn’t speeding at the time and was riding well. He stated he pulled me just for a routine check!

stroppy, but also its human nature to not like being proved wrong…

especially when your young and the other guy is older.

Pulled you over for a routine check???

Dont let it get to you as you didnt get a fine or points (cant get point for having a loud exhaust on its own anyway), let them think what they want, if persecuted then protest. As for carrying the docs around with you, no point, doesnt sound like even if you showed him the paperwork he wou have backed down.

If anything, he prolly didnt know how to tell you that you need a new paintjob.

Well, you were both right. Everyone has a bad day, count yourself lucky you got away with it mate I can’t see how having the baffle on you is going to help, unless you know there’s an inspection trap up the road and you can’t go round it.

Glad you agree Jay that Terry needs a new paintjob. Haha

Well just wondered about carrying the baffle so I could stick it back in if they got stroppy again.

My bike is lovely bogey man!


He was speaking to me like I knew nothing about bikes and he was Mr superior. It seemed that because he couldn’t pick any other faults with the bike and I was all legal he focused on the can and proceeded to get a real strop on.

one word, pri#k!

Thats what I thought actually Well under my fake smile that I was giving him lol

if they want to get funny about it and do you for the can they would have to remove it from the bike as it would be your word against thiers because you could say we it did have the baffle in sooo… ask one of the police guys on here they might shed a bit more light I could be totally wrong but that is what I have been told about visors I guess that would be the same for a can.

so if we put a bake bean tin on would that be illegal to ?

I think that a lot of the scooters round here sound like the product of a baked bean tin.

Where bout did they pull you Tel?

Hi Terry,

I have a blue flame twin port can that is suppossed to be legal. With baffles in and bs kite number and all the rest i still failed my mot. It is too loud, and the baffles dont do anything.

However that said, uve done nothing wrong and the copper should of understood that. Im tempted to right to blueflame and complain as i bought it cos it was roadlegal, which it clearly isnt.

Actually the BSA stamp on the side of many of the Road Legal cans are actually just for the metal and not a stamp to say it is road legal (So I have been told). As far as I know it must have an E stamp to be fully road legal.

Theres no need to worry. I recon just leave the can on and don’t worry about the baffels either. There are no points at stake and you got out of having a fine.

Just going into Harrow mate. On the Kenton road.


I can’t believe i just read that!

Your can WITH baffles is LEGAL.

Take them out and it’s ILLEGAL for the road, simple.

Out of interest was it ‘Traffic’ that pulled you or uniform flexing muscles??

The purpose of the removeable baffles is so the bike can be used for road AND track use without the necessity of changing the whole system or endcan.

The important factor in cans is that they fall without the correct allowed Decibels (DON’T ask me to quote the legal limit, i don’t prosecute cans so rarely use it!!)

If your running around with the baffles out it’s the same risk as having a standard race can on…

tbh if you had the baffles under your seat etc it would probably annoy a jobsworth plod even more as you KNEW what you were doing etc etc…

Is it really this bad in the Town??

I dunno if you saw the Roadwars programme on TV last night (Sky One) but it showed me stopping a guy for undertaking me on his triumph at about 100 and with race cans etc etc…

fair enough i was in an unmarked car but he was still riding like a daft plonka…

anyway he was told he ‘shouldn’t’ have that can on and to slow down.

that was it, and to be honest that’s the norm in my neck of the woods…

racecans…pah…wouldn’t catch me with them.


I saw that program! I love watching it, it never ceases to amaze me how people do stupid stuff in front of a police car! That Triumph guy made me laugh, are they all that assuming that you’re an idiot?

‘Is it? Oh, I don’t race or anything…’

Can’t remember if it was that or another program last night, but some guy set himself on fire after he was boxed in… bonkers! I’d love to be a fly on the wall for this, for a day.

Oh and no, it’s not that bad in town, I find. The police are far too busy normally to bother with traffic, though of course if they see you going a bit quick but can’t prove it, they’ll give you a ticket for the plate or somesuch, sometimes. Depends on their mood/outlook I guess. I’ve been lucky enough to have met a lot of friendly cops.

A bit of pot/kettle going on then Porkscratchin ? hehe

I’d expect a bit of a talking too, mebbe a hard time but to start issuing fines and getting all admin’d up over a can, esp with removable baffles (that will be yanked out anyway) seems excessive.

I always work on the principle that noisy exhausts draw attention to you, and if you are committing other offenses/acting like a prat, then the zorst will count against you.

If you’re riding ok, bike’s clean and tidy, and that’s the only thing wrong, they’ve gotta be in a bad mood to go further.

Terry, with your innocent chops you’d get out of anything mind…


Just ask mate.

If you want a day out it’s done.

watched roadwars too last night del

i liked our miss elusive ‘caroline’ being collared in slough on st.pauls, and then again(on warrant)in reading claiming she was ‘jacqueline’.

oh’,…don’t you just love the bullsh*t

roll on tango tango…

It was traffic that pulled me.

Yup I remove the baffles like I said standard cans are too quiet and un safe in my opion people are more alert when they can hear a bike coming.

So I take it your can is just a race can with no baffles at all?

I have seen that programme before with the guy pulled on the trumpet he was a numpty and went into panic mode straight away.