Just been to the 2007 motorcycle show

No, I’ve not finally flipped over into full on senility, nor discovered the secret to time travel, but went to the Milan one. :slight_smile:

Cheaper to get to from Sarf Lundun than the NEC thanks to the wonders of an Easyjet day-return & a significantly better experience too.

Main impression is that this show is hooooouuuuge, it makes the NEC one look like a village fete ! :smiley:

There’s 8 halls full of exhibitors & a number of outside tracks for moto-X, test circuits for various manufacturers & a stunt display area - you could easily fit the whole NEC show into just a couple of halls ! :crazy:

And it’s all exhibitors (importers, manufacturers & distributors), not loads of retailers all trying to flog off the same old tired end of line Oxford or FT stuff. Hardly anyone selling anything - all I bought was a couple of T-shirts & they were from the Brits on the Death Industries stand !

Only downside is that although we arrived there @ 10am & other than a quick stop for a beer & a pannini (approx £4.50 for a 0.5L beer & large cheese & ham pannini - how much would that lot cost at the NEC ?), we spent all day wandering through the stands & still ended up missing a whole hall !

Obviously all the Italian manufacturers were making their best efforts to present themselves on home turf, the Ducati stand in particular was well busy- Stoners bike, the Desmosedici being major draws & with the new 848 on display it appears that white is the new red ! Looks good though :slight_smile:

Bit dissapointed that Aprilia didn’t have the new V4 on display, but great to see a Bimota stand - god the quality of the craftsmanship on the Tesi 3D in particular is amazing - pure biking porn ! Think I may sell the tele & buy one for the lounge, it’d make much better viewing, don’t think I could ever get tired at looking at it. :cool:

I’ve also seen the future of biking…

… and it’s Chinese !

Forget everything you think about them just churning out cheap crap peds/scooters/commuters, they’re taking this whole thing very seriously, so much so that there were enough Chinese stands there to fill the NEC show 1.5-2 times over ! :w00t:

From full bikes to parts & accessories, clothing, helmets etc. they’re going after the full market & some of the samples of stuff they had on show was up there with the Jap & European stuff. Even if you reckon now you’ll never buy a Chinese bike (like all those die-hard fans of Brit bikes in the 60s & 70s who’d never touch Jap-crap :P) in a few years I guarantee that a large portion of your Suyamahondkawatriumducaprilliabeem will consist of Chinese parts.

For added value, the entry ticket - £12, also covered admission to the 2007 pushbike show which was on in a couple of adjacent halls, if it’s your thing, I was planning on having a look around before I realised the scale of the bike one.

Got to hand it to the Italians, they certainly know how to put on a show, good quality, well run & fairly priced - wonder how much will the NEC be charging for crufts left-overs in a bun this year ? ) I could even understand some of what the locals were saying…

I really also like the positive approach they always seem to adopt in order to make my visits to their country as pleasurable as possible, by making all the fat &/or ugly girls stay at home & indoors whilst I’m there :wink: :hehe: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds great were not jealous at all :stuck_out_tongue: post some pics up of it then.

Thinking Milan has to be the way forward next year. £28 for a preview day ticket at the NEC, spent £40 on a train ticket yesterday as insurance in case the weather is too foul to ride up. £70 before I’ve even had a rat-burger or a shite coffee. Doubt I’ll get enough bargains to cover that…

Very eye-opening thanks for that, sounds definitely like a good possibility for next year I think!!

Just remembered this - pics at http://s218.photobucket.com/albums/cc136/gpzpat/Milan_show/

Yup…it’s HUUUUGE alright…

I was there on the Friday and round trip including fud was about £120

Loved it!!! :cool: