Just been driven around Brands Hatch by Tom Sykes

I won a competition with MCN & Rizla Suzuki & Tom Sykes just drove me around Brands Hatch a couple of times. :cool:

He’s a top bloke & I’ll be cheering him on in WSB on Saturday & Sunday

what a result, lucky sod

You lucky bugger.

Hey Jonny,

I see you managed to get the day off. You’ll have to tell me all about it when I next pop in

Not jealous atall! :pinch:

What did you rob me to cover your shift today? it better end with Job and start with blow, or it could be a cap or Ill even settle for a nice cuppa tea! no honest it better be summit good Maxy pants or your avin it.

So Jealous fella, and Im so glad you could go too, cant pass up things like that when they come along eh?



Sweet!! Wonder if Andrew got any shots of you?!

Is that what the cryptic text was last night about MCN?:w00t:All becomes clear in the fullness of time;)Glad you enjoyed your day matey:D

He got his picture in MCN this week completely nothing to do with yesterday. Talk about 15 minutes of fame, how many times can you eek that one out :wink:


BTW did I ever tell you about the time…:cool:

You Lucky Fing B**d!:Wow:

Lucky, lucky sod :slight_smile: Hopefully you’ll end up in the galleries mate!

Kev… thats because I am such a nice boss :smiley:

JZ man, you’ve got my number why didn’t you let me know? I was hanging around looking for something to shoot on Thursday :-s