Just Back From Paris...

Well a couple of weeks ago when I went on L’Arc weekend - great :slight_smile:

Hadn’t noticed before but the bike parking in Paris is fantastic!!!

Seems you can park on the pavement just about anywhere as long as you leave about 2m for Les Pedestrians to pass.

Normally everyone bumps up the kerb and leaves the bike facing the shop or whatever with the back wheel on the kerb…Fantastique!

That means there are tons of bikes/scoots parked in long serried ranks everywhere and nobody minds - I wish Boris and Westminster council would take note - nice to be in a city that does not actively discourage bikes by making it as difficult/expensive as possible and reducing free spaces to the size of a postage stamp.

Oh oui, trés bon! Une idée fantastique.

Sounds great! But I love Paris anyway, this is just another reason for me to love it more :slight_smile: