just another day.

Though you guys might like this, something I wrote last year.

After about 160 miles in the rain today, I finished work down in Lewes (near Eastbourne).

I’d arranged to meet Ben (Swisst) to pickup his new bike at 5-530 or so in Harrow (NW London), being 5 past 4, I’d have to keep up a good pace, but not to9 much of a rush.

set off in the pouring rain (nothing new there then), keeping a good turn of speed up, the rain consistent, but not overly heavy, roads covered in a film of water.

Tyres heated learn the limit of traction, going well, know the bike , the road conditions,and the limits with the weather, shouldn’t have any problems. Famous last words!

After about 15 minutes, I spot a bridge over the road, not big or anything,
drop my speed to about 50mph or so (de-restricted road), shadow over the road and it looks no more wet than the rest of the surface, I use the visual ques to help, yes the curb is straight and the pavement is level, so the water can only be an inch or two at most?

Oh, how wrong can one man be?

18 inches at least, looked like the drains had flooded, I went barrelling in and created a wall of water, handlebars slapping off my palms, anyway the bike comes out under it’s momentum as the engine died. I coast to the side of the road.


Stick it on it’s stand and have a fag, what to do now?
So with boots & gloves full of water (they’re waterproof but not submersible) and a bike that’s died, I sit contemplating the world, god and the grand design of things, as I let the adrenaline settle to it’s normal level.

Ok, let’s do something about this, I decide to give it 10 minutes fixing time before using my NCI recovery card.

Turn the key nothing, not a light on the dash. check main fuse (thankfully I’d done the quick pins mod on the side panels so no tools needed).
Success, it starts, but still no lights or indicators or instruments.

Check the underseat fuses, three had blown, used the two spares and they blew, dam should have dried it out somehow first.

Ok, I’ve now got a bike that will run but that’s about it, out of my tool kit I take two bits of electrical wire(see it pays to carry extra stuff) and run one to the headlights over the tank and the other to the tail lights.

Both work, I’ve now got a running bike with headlights and tail lights, that’s good enough.

Carefully I ride the 34 mile back home.

Stripped the bike this evening and had a look the multi plugs behind the fairing were soaked and shorted in one place, sorted that, used all my toolbox spare fuses, but managed to replace all the blown ones, everything working fine.

Just one of those days

O, and Ben picked up his bike without problem for those who are interested, I believe he’s going down Soho tomorrow.

Cheers Mark.

good read and all ends well !!