Just another day at the Ace...


Not quite at the Ace though… just down the road? What’s going on there?


Well, the old bill closed down the road in front of the Ace and kept a keen eye on things so people just moved down the road

Nice one itsthemechanic I was standing across the road from you some of those guys were amazin’ esp when they did the rolling burn out races down the err north circ

So the Ace went to all the effort of organised stunting etc, pleaded with people not to do anything on the road and spoil their efforts so what do the minority do? And the peeps that were throwing stuff werent even bikers.
Nice one whoever you were, going the right way to really p
s the cops off, stamp all over the people that have worked hard to reopen it, close it all down and f
k it up for the majority.
Well done

sounds about right, part of the reason I didnt bother this time…

LMAO at the White Van burnout

LMAO at the dude on the mini quad, 2 wheeling


That guy had skill and under the bridge was a laugh just a pitty we can’t do it with the backing of the police n people YET

Ok well /rant time…

The road outside Ace Cafe and the A406 is a public road, not even Mark Wilsmore can control what does and doesn’t happen there. Ok, stunters will stunt there to entertain ppl at what they can do because they want to, and only the police can try to circumvent the situation!

But the fact is, people will carry on stunting there no matter what. I don’t see you moaning when AWOL or 444-ryders are out on the road stunting. Although their stunting is well more controlled then others I might add!

I somewhat agree with you where less abled stunters are concerned as the danger risk is far greater, and as for ppl throwing stuff w*****s I agree.


PS. Sorry Karen, I wasn’t ranting directly at you but I think a healthy debate for this issue was inevitable

Damien, couldnt agree more - it just p****s me off when they are clearly trying to have an organised event, with a chance of proving to the cops that it can be done the minority come out to play when requested not to and risk the lot

AWOl put on a great show as expected, this lot put it on regardless. But just lately its all about the cars and the chavs and nowt about the bikes and the bikers.

Oil, cord and chavs all over the road for us to ride through, nice

Healthy debate already started me thinks - see streetfighter sunday post in general!